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Step-By-Step Instructions for Honda Sensing® Adaptive Cruise Control

Monday, June 29th, 2020
Blue 2020 Honda CR-V in a Bridge Tunnel

How To Set and Use Honda Sensing® Adaptive Cruise Control 

Did you know that your 2020 Honda CR-V is equipped with Honda Sensing® safety systems? Adaptive Cruise Control is an element of the suite of Honda Sensing® systems that will allow you to set a speed and follow distance in traffic that is easy to adjust via controls on the steering wheel. Adaptive Cruise Control will monitor and automatically adjust the following distance at the set speed. Learn how to set and use Honda Sensing® Adaptive Cruise Control with this step-by-step guide. Find a Honda model equipped with Honda Sensing® and Adaptive Cruise Control today when you visit the Earnhardt Honda inventory


Step-By-Step Instructions to Set Up and Use Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ in a Honda

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020
Close Up of Apple CarPlay in a 2020 Honda CR-V

How To Use Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ in Your Honda 

Are you and your family new to the Honda brand? Are you still learning how to use all of the features and technology in your 2020 Honda CR-V? Earnhardt Honda is here to help. Available with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ smartphone integration, many Honda models can keep you connected to your favorite mobile apps, media and services via the Honda Display Audio touchscreen display when equipped. Learn how to use Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ in your Honda with this step-by-step guide. Search the Earnhardt Honda online inventory today to find a Honda model equipped with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™! 


Step-By-Step Instructions To Use Honda Intelligent Traction Management

Monday, April 27th, 2020
Close Up of Honda Pilot Information Display with Intelligent Traction Management Terrain Modes

How To Use the Honda Intelligent Traction Management System 

Gear up for your next family adventure in a Honda Pilot equipped with Real Time AWD™ and the Intelligent Traction Management System. Armed with Intelligent Traction Management, you can tailor performance to the terrain with a trio of driver-selectable terrain modes – Snow, Mud and Sand – in Honda Pilot AWD models. Front-wheel drive Honda Pilot models provide drivers with Snow Mode. Learn how to use the Honda Intelligent Traction Management System in your Honda vehicle with this step-by-step guide created by Earnhardt Honda and a how-to video supplied by Honda. Visit the Earnhardt Honda inventory today to find a Honda car, truck or crossover equipped with Intelligent Traction Management! 


No Bull Express Services Provide 100% Online Shopping and At-Home Delivery at Earnhardt Honda

Friday, March 27th, 2020
Teal Bull Head with Black No Bull Express Text and Teal Clock Face as the O

How To Buy a Honda During Coronavirus Quarantine Avondale AZ 

Do you live in the Avondale, Glendale, Westgate and West Valley area? Are you in need of a reliable car, truck or crossover? Amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many things in the automotive world are uncertain. Earnhardt Honda is and will remain OPEN in accordance with CDC, Maricopa County and the State of Arizona Department of Health recommendations. Find out how to buy a Honda during Coronavirus quarantine in Avondale, AZ with No Bull Express services at Earnhardt Honda that include at-home delivery and a 100% online shopping experience.  


Tips and Tricks to Use the Honda Magic Seat® in Your Honda HR-V

Thursday, March 26th, 2020
Cutaway View of 2020 Honda HR-V Interior with 2nd Row Magic Seat Up and Bike in Backseat

How To Use the 2nd-Row Honda Magic Seat®  

The Honda Magic Seat® in your 2020 Honda HR-V or 2020 Honda Fit is a key feature for many families in the Phoenix area. With the 2nd-row Magic Seat®, you will have the ability to configure the Honda HR-V interior to fit your needs with three cargo modes – Long Mode, Tall Mode and Utility Mode – that will each serve its own purpose. Long Mode will accommodate cargo up to 8-feet long, Utility Mode provides 58.8 cubic feet of cargo space in the Honda HR-V and Tall Mode provides 4-feet of vertical space. Learn how to use the 2nd-row Honda Magic Seat® with this quick guide by Earnhardt Honda. Find a Honda equipped with the Magic Seat® today when you visit the Earnhardt Honda inventory!  


Step-By-Step Instructions to the Honda Accord Smart Entry with Walk Away Auto Lock® Feature

Friday, February 21st, 2020
Gray 2020 Honda Accord in Driveway with Woman

How Does Honda Smart Entry with Walk Away Auto Lock® Work? 

Add convenience to your day-to-day commute with the available Honda Smart Entry with Walk Away Auto Lock® feature. When equipped with this feature, Smart Entry with Walk Away Auto Lock® will allow you to lock, unlock and start your 2020 Honda Accord without ever taking your Honda key fob out of your pocket or purse. Walk Away Auto Lock® capabilities are accessible via the Display Audio touchscreen infotainment system and will automatically unlock your car doors when you get within eight feet and will automatically re-lock the doors when you leave that eight-foot area. 

Learn how to use this feature and get answers to the question – how does Honda Smart Entry with Walk Away Auto Lock® work – with this quick how-to guide and video. Visit the Earnhardt Honda inventory today to find a Honda car, truck or crossover equipped with the Smart Entry with Walk Away Auto Lock® feature! 


Step-By-Step Instructions To Reset and Re-Calibrate the Honda TPMS Warning Light

Thursday, January 30th, 2020
Black and White Photo of Flat Tire with White How To Reset the Honda TPMS Warning Light Text

How To Reset the Honda Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS Warning Light 

Tires play an important role in safety, fuel economy and performance when you get behind the wheel of your 2020 Honda CR-V. An innovative Tire Pressure Monitoring System* (TPMS) is a fixture for many Honda models that will monitor tire pressure and alert you when your tires have low tire pressure. When the TPMS warning light alerts you to low tire pressure – you will need to reset it. Learn how to reset the Honda Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS warning light with this step-by-step guide and get back to normal. Explore the Earnhardt Honda inventory today to find a Honda car, truck or crossover that is equipped with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System! 


Learn How To Calculate Driving Distance When Your Honda is On Empty

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020
Green Fuel Pump Filling Up a Car

How Far Can Your Honda Drive with the Low Fuel Light On? 

Are you ready for your next family adventure in your 2020 Honda CR-V? What happens when the low fuel light comes to life on the dashboard? Panic can set in when you are on empty and you do not know if you have enough fuel to reach the next gas station that is 41 miles away. Armed with this quick guide on how to calculate driving distance when you are on empty, we can help you answer the question – how far can your Honda drive with the low fuel light on? 


Step-By-Step Instructions To Pair Your Smartphone with Honda Display Audio Bluetooth

Friday, November 22nd, 2019
Close Up of 2020 Honda Accord Display Audio Touchscreen

How To Connect to Honda Display Audio with Bluetooth

Are you the proud owner of a 2020 Honda Accord? Are you new to the Honda brand and the Display Audio touchscreen infotainment system? With Bluetooth capabilities, the Honda infotainment system allows you to connect your smartphone or mobile device and play music, make phone calls, receive text messages and more via the touchscreen display. Learn how to connect to Honda Display Audio with Bluetooth in this quick step-by-step guide. Visit the Earnhardt Honda inventory today to find a Honda car, truck or crossover that will meet your specifications! (more…)