Interested in Honda Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services?

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Earnhardt Honda Service Department Services for Coronavirus Quarantine Avondale AZ

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has thrown a wrench in many Phoenix-area drivers’ automotive plans. Are you overdue for an oil change or tire rotation? Do you need a new set of tires? The Earnhardt Honda Service Department is OPEN and here to help with automotive maintenance and repairs. Find out how we can help keep you and your vehicle on the road and maintain safe conditions with an overview of Earnhardt Honda Service Department services for Coronavirus quarantine in Avondale, AZ.

We understand that you need a reliable vehicle to get to and from work, medical appointments, grocery stores and childcare services. To help you keep your vehicle running and keep you safe in this difficult time, the Earnhardt Honda Service Department will add curbside pick-up and drop-off to its list of services with online vehicle appraisals.




Mechanic Fixing a Car Door

How To Schedule Curbside Pick-Up and Drop-Off in Avondale AZ

No matter what kind of repairs or maintenance you need for your vehicle, the Earnhardt Service Department is here to help. Avondale-area drivers can schedule a service appointment online or by calling 888-418-9933. To minimize person-to-person contact, you can elect to drop your vehicle off at the dealership or a member of the Earnhardt Honda team will pick up your vehicle at your home. Vehicles here for repairs are cleaned, disinfected and sanitized before during and after your service appointment.

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How the Earnhardt Honda Service Department Will Keep You Safe

In addition to curbside pick-up and drop-off services, the Earnhardt Honda sales and service teams have taken additional steps to keep customers safe who visit the dealership. Take a look at how we will help keep you safe in the Earnhardt Honda Service Department with the list below.

  • All Employees Wear Protective Gloves
  • Plastic Covers Are Used on the Interior of All Vehicles
  • All Service Desks and Tablets are Sanitized Between Each Customer Visit
  • Minimize Person-to-Person Contact
  • All Waiting Room Seats Are 6-Feet Apart to Maintain Safe Social Distances

Schedule a service appointment today, maintain your vehicle and stay safe with this overview of Earnhardt Honda Service Department services for Coronavirus quarantine in Avondale, AZ.