Lease Maturity Center

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Your Earnhardt Honda Lease Maturity Center Specialists

Your Earnhardt Honda Lease Maturity Center Specialists

  • Purchase your lease
  • Turn your lease in
  • Trade for a new car
  • Even buy your lease from you

Why Lease With Honda?

*Total Asset Protection: This pays off your lease regardless of negative equity. You must meet the meet the minimum insurance requirements and be current on your lease.

*Excessive Wear and Use Waiver: As a lessee you are responsible for any excessive wear and tear or damage. American Honda will waive up to $500 dollars worth of damage or excessive wear and tear. Any occurrence over $500 is the customers responsibility to fix.  

Frequently Asked Questions

As your auto lease comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking about returning your leased vehicle or exploring a new lease purchase. Earnhardt Honda’s “Lease Maturity Center” provides several end of term options. If you’ve fallen in love with your automobile and you don’t want to turn it in, you can apply to purchase your leased vehicle. Or you might be ready to return your leased vehicle and get a new one, so you’ll need to know the steps and procedures involved in returning your leased vehicle and where to return it. At any time please feel free to contact us with your questions at (877) 454-4251 or fill out the form below.

How do I purchase my Lease?

As a Honda vehicle lessee, you have the option to purchase your leased vehicle. With a lease purchase buyout, you won’t get charged for excess miles, excess wear and tear, damage, or disposition fees and you get to keep your vehicle. At our Lease Maturity Center, we can help you purchase your lease,** arrange financing, gap insurance, and extended service contracts. We can also certify* your vehicle as a Honda Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. Above all, we handle all the state, legal, and financial paperwork for you.

How do I return my vehicle?

Please follow the steps below to ensure a smooth return of your leased vehicle.

Complete the free vehicle inspection AND maintain a copy of the report for your records.

  • You will receive a phone call from the vehicle lease inspection company to schedule an appointment to perform the vehicle inspection at your convenience.
  • We encourage you to be present at the time of the inspection and maintain a copy of the Vehicle Inspection Report for your records. This will outline any excess wear and tear to the vehicle that you may be responsible for paying.
  • Return your leased car or truck on or before the lease maturity date to avoid incurring additional charges. A Lease return specialist at Earnhardt Honda’s Lease Maturity Center will complete the Federal Odometer Statement indicating the vehicle’s ending mileage. Please make sure that you and the Lease return specialist sign and date the statement. Call (877) 454-4251 or “Click Here” to schedule an appointment.
  • Upon return of your leased vehicle, you may be assessed a disposition fee, if outlined in your contract.


* Vehicle must pass Honda’s multi-point inspection and the customer must pay certification fees to qualify as a Honda Certified Pre-Owned vehicle.
** Customer must pay tax, license, doc, and other applicable fees for the dealership to assist in the purchase of customers lease.
Please remember you are fully responsible for your lease until all of the steps outlined above have been completed and the vehicle is returned to Earnhardt Honda. After your vehicle has been returned, you will receive an End of Term Obligation Letter outlining any charges due in order to satisfy your lease obligation.