New 2021 Honda Odyssey Features CabinTalk® and CabinWatch® Technology

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Honda Odyssey CabinWatch on Touchscreen Display

How Do the Honda Odyssey CabinTalk® and CabinWatch® Features Work? 

Are you planning your next family adventure? The Honda Odyssey may be the right fit for you and your family. Born and bred for family road trips, the 2021 Honda Odyssey and its predecessors are available with Honda CabinTalk® and Honda CabinWatch® technology that will help parents keep kids in line on family vacations. Avondale-area families interested in the Honda Odyssey may want to know – how do the Honda Odyssey CabinTalk® and CabinWatch® features work? Find out more at Earnhardt Honda! 

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What Is Honda CabinTalk® and How Does it Work? 

Have you ever tried to talk to your kids in the third-row seat? It can be a real struggle when they are fighting, yelling or crying. Maybe they are listening to music or watching a video on their iPad? Honda CabinTalk® is a useful feature for families with kids who like to ride in the third row. The Honda CabinTalk® feature allows you to utilize Bluetooth voice-command technology and an in-car PA system to project parental commands via the Honda Odyssey speaker system, Honda wireless headphones and wired headphones in the third row. When the Honda Odyssey Blu-ray Rear Entertainment System or Honda streaming apps are in use, Honda CabinTalk® will pause the program while you communicate with your kids. 

What Is Honda CabinWatch® and How Does it Work? 

Have you ever wondered what kind of shenanigans your kids are up to in the third row? Do you want to know if your kids are asleep? Honda CabinWatch® is an innovative feature that will give you the answers you are looking for and will allow you to monitor your children. Honda CabinWatch® employs a ceiling-mounted and centrally located camera that provides an overhead view of the Honda Odyssey rear seats. Use the Display Audio touchscreen and tap the CabinWatch® icon for an unobstructed view of the rear seats with a zoom function. CabinWatch® will allow you to see children in rear-facing car seats and ensure that all of your passengers are wearing their seatbelts at the touch of a button. Infrared LEDs will allow you to check on your kids at night when the cabin is dark. 

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How do the Honda Odyssey CabinTalk® and CabinWatch® features work? Find out how family-friendly features like Honda CabinTalk® and Honda CabinWatch® can help you enjoy your next road trip with this overview. Visit the Earnhardt Honda online inventory today to find a Honda Odyssey equipped with CabinTalk® and CabinWatch®!

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