Differences Between a Continuously Variable Transmission and Automatic Transmission

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2020 Honda CR-V Gear Shifter

What Are the Benefits of a Honda Continuously Variable Transmission? 

Did you know that many Honda models are equipped with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)? Honda CVTs are designed to create a smooth drive and improve fuel economy with an innovative design. Drivers interested in models like the 2020 Honda CR-V want to know more about the differences between the Honda CVT and an automatic transmission and want to know – what are the benefits of a Honda Continuously Variable Transmission? Find out with this overview created by Earnhardt Honda! 

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How Does a Continuously Variable Transmission Work? 

Continuously Variable Transmissions are available in three variants – Pulley, Toroidal and Hydrostatic. Pulley-operated CVTs are the most common and use a pair of pulleys to connect to the engine and the wheels to create an infinite number of gears. Toroidal CVTs employ a set of rotating discs on rollers while Hydrostatic CVTs use pumps and fluid to create rotation.  

With this mechanical combination, the Honda CVT provides drivers with an infinite number of gears – compared to an automatic or manual transmission that have a set number of gears. Honda Continuously Variable Transmissions have an infinite number of gears – which means that your engine does not have to search for the right gear when you accelerate and can match the gear to the engine RPMs. As a result, many Continuously Variable Transmissions will provide smoother acceleration and better fuel economy when compared to select automatic transmissions.  

2020 Honda Accord Push Button Gear Shifter
2020 Honda Civic Sedan Gear Shifter

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What are the benefits of a Honda Continuously Variable Transmission? Find out how the CVT employed by many Honda models can upgrade performance when you get behind the wheel. Visit the Earnhardt Honda online inventory today to find the right fit for your driving style! 

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